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Meet us

Updated: May 16, 2023

Hello, We are Leticia and Stefan Olson, Park City based photographers, specializing in portrait and landscape photography. We are the ones usually behind the camera and are responsible for all the amazing pictures you see on this website. We have been married for five years and we love living in Park City, Utah. When we are not busy with shoots or editing pictures, we love to explore our backyard, the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, by skiing, mountain biking or hiking.

Stefan is the camera and location genius. He loves exploring the Park City area and especially loves driving the dirt roads that wind their way through the Wasatch and surrounding mountains. This desire to explore is how we seek out those perfect and convenient locations. Leticia is very good at taking candid photos and just at making everybody feel comfortable so that they look natural in the pictures. We love meeting people from all over the place and having the chance to hear their stories and then articulating them through photography.

Our desire to always be exploring and finding the perfect location for each photoshoot not only helps us take better pictures for you but creates an experience for your family or group that they will not easily forget.


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