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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you'll find answers to common questions about planning your adventure elopement. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

  • What are the benefits of choosing an adventure elopement?
    Adventure elopements offer a unique, intimate, and stress-free way to celebrate your love. They focus on the experience, allowing you to create unforgettable memories in beautiful settings.
  • Why choose an adventure elopement over a traditional wedding?
    Adventure elopements offer a more intimate, personalized, and memorable experience. They are perfect for couples who value experiences over material things and love the outdoors.
  • How can we include family and friends in our elopement?
    You can include family and friends by inviting a small group to join you or by having a reception later.
  • What is the difference between an elopement and a traditional wedding?
    Elopements are typically smaller, more intimate, and focused on the couple’s experience, while traditional weddings are larger events with more guests and formalities.
  • What is an adventure elopement?
    An adventure elopement is a non-traditional wedding focused on the couple's experience in a natural setting. It often involves activities like hiking, skiing, or exploring scenic locations.
  • What are the best destinations for an elopement in nature?
    Some of the best destinations for nature elopements include national parks, scenic mountain ranges, and remote beaches. If you are considering eloping in Utah, here is a guide to the best locations for an Elopement in Utah
  • What happens if it rains? Do you reschedule adventure elopements for weather?
    We don’t reschedule elopements due to weather since our calendar is planned out months in advance. However, rest assured that your wedding day will be perfect no matter the conditions. We’ve captured stunning adventure weddings in all kinds of weather. We always work around the weather. We will monitor the weather weeks in advance to make sure we have a plan set in place. Preparation is key. We monitor the weather weeks in advance to ensure we have a solid plan in place. We always have multiple backup plans ready.
  • What should we wear for our elopement?
    Choose attire that fits the environment and your personal style. Consider layers for varying weather and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities. If you are planning a hike or skiing, make sure your wedding dress is comfortable. Some of our clients also choose to hike in hiking clothes and change once at the location.
  • What is the best time of year for an outdoor elopement?
    The best time depends on the location and your preferences. Generally, spring and fall offer mild weather and beautiful scenery. Research the climate of your chosen location for the best experience.
  • How do I choose the perfect elopement location?
    Consider factors like scenery, accessibility, weather, and personal significance. Research various locations and think about the logistics of getting there. As adventure elopement photographers, we offer a comprehensive location guide in our packages based on your vision, which will help you choose what aligns with your preferences.
  • How do we handle the logistics of an adventure elopement?
    Plan ahead by researching the location, arranging transportation, and preparing for any weather conditions. We provide a detailed checklist, timeline, location guide, and vendor recommendations to support you with logistics. You won't do this alone—we're more than just photographers. We will craft and plan your adventure elopement from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience.
  • How much does an adventure elopement cost?
    The cost of an adventure elopement varies depending on factors like location, travel expenses, photography, attire, and any additional activities. Typically, it ranges from $5,000 to $20,000.
  • How do we plan a ‘just us’ ceremony?
    A ‘just us’ ceremony focuses solely on the couple. Choose a meaningful location, plan the ceremony details, and consider hiring an officiant and photographer (we offer both services). “Just Us” ceremonies are the easiest to plan since logistics are simpler when it is just the two of you
  • What should I pack for a mountain elopement?
    Pack essentials such as layered clothing, hiking shoes, personal items (rings, vows, wedding attire), and safety gear (first aid kit, navigation tools, headlamps, offline maps). Don't worry! We'll send you a packing checklist during the planning process.
  • Do you offer officiant services?
    Yes, we can officiate your wedding; however, our ceremony script is pretty simple since our main focus is capturing your day and ensuring everything goes smoothly. Additionally, we will send you a planning guide that includes recommendations for officiants in the area and advice on how to get ordained if you want a friend or family member to be your officiant.
  • What legal requirements do we need to consider for our elopement?
    Legal requirements vary by location. Ensure you understand the marriage laws of the state or country where you plan to elope. We provide guidance on obtaining necessary documentation
  • How do we announce our elopement to family and friends?
    Consider sending announcements, hosting a celebration, or sharing a photo album. We can help create beautiful announcement cards and provide stunning photos to share your adventure.
  • Can we elope and have a reception later?
    Absolutely! Many couples choose to elope and then celebrate with family and friends at a later date. This allows you to have the best of both worlds.
  • How do I find the right photographer for an adventure elopement?
    Look for photographers who specialize in adventure elopements. Check their portfolio, read reviews, and have a consultation to ensure they understand your vision. You can check our packages here and we offer a free initial consultation call to meet you both and see if we are a good fit.
  • Do you travel out of Utah for elopements?
    Yes, we do travel out of Utah for elopements. We love exploring new locations, and our dream destinations are the Dolomites in Italy and Patagonia in Chile and Argentina.
  • How many guests can we invite to our elopement?
    We specialize in intimate elopements and typically accommodate a total of 15 people or less. This ensures a personalized and meaningful experience while maintaining the adventurous spirit of your elopement.
  • What are some unique elopement ideas?
    Consider activities that you enjoy with each other like hiking to a mountain peak, exchanging vows on a secluded beach, skiing to a yurt, stargazing, off-roading adventures, or having a ceremony under a waterfall. Tailor the experience to reflect your personalities and interests.
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