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How to Elope in Park City, Utah

Updated: May 15

Park City Utah Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Winter bridal session in Park City Utah
Elopement in Utah

A complete guide on how to Elope in Park City, Utah

Park City is a small year round resort town located in the Northern part of Utah, nestled between the Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges. PC is part of the Wasatch back and home of two famous ski resorts Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley Resort. In town, you can find a quaint little downtown located on Main Street. The historic downtown area is lined with buildings built during the 19th-century silver mining boom.

As outdoor enthusiasts and photographers, we feel very lucky to be based out of beautiful Park City. With its centralized location and easy access to the many regions Utah has to offer, we feel like we have an endless amount of places to visit and see. As photographers we find Utah's unique pristine and natural landscapes inspiring.

In a world where couples seek alternatives to traditional wedding days, elopements are becoming increasingly popular. If you're here reading this, chances are you're searching for a different path, one that resonates more deeply with you and your partner. Perhaps the idea of organizing a conventional wedding brings more stress than joy. Maybe you value unique experiences over traditional things. Or perhaps you want refocuses on the essence of a wedding itself. Whatever your reason, we're here to be your trusted guide throughout the entire process.

We thrive on hearing your ideas and understanding what truly captivates you when it comes to elopements. This knowledge serves as our starting point, enabling us to curate a day that truly reflects the unique essence of your relationship. We believe that elopements are the perfect way to embark on your life together.


Choosing the perfect time to elope in Park City, Utah, involves envisioning your ideal experience. What kind of surroundings do you envision for your elopement day? Where would you love to explore? Each season in Park City offers a unique atmosphere, so it's essential to consider your preferences.

In the winter, Park City transforms into a magical winter wonderland as the whole town is covered in snow. Skiing takes center stage, offering an activity for adventurous couples looking a snowy backdrop for their elopement.

On the other hand, summer in Park City presents a completely different scene. Everything is lush and vibrant. Outdoor activities abound, including hiking, mountain biking, outdoor concerts, and browsing the local farmers' market.

By answering these questions, both you and we can gain a clearer understanding of the overall vision for your special day. Whether you're drawn to a winter wonderland or the vibrant energy of a summer escape, Park City offers the perfect backdrop for your elopement.

The Weather In Park City

The weather in the mountains can vary a lot depending on the season and can influence the type of activities you can do as well as what environment and landscape you will want to elope in.

Winter (from early November to March)

Winters can be really cold in Utah and the Wasatch mountains can get a significant amount of snowfall every winter. If you choose to elope during winter there is an abundance of activities that you can incorporate into your day, such as skiing/snowboarding, dog sledding or just going for a short snowshoe or hike to a beautiful location to exchange vows. Winter elopements are a very possible thing and in fact, we love to shoot in the snow. The whole town of Park City becomes a winter wonderland, which is very picturesque.

Spring and Summer (April -August)

Springs and Summers are beautiful. The weather is perfect but nights can still get a little chilly. During summer time the mountains are covered with a lush green layer of vegetation as well as colorful wild flowers. The spring is short but this is when the wild flowers begin to sprout and the fauna comes out of hybernation and is a good time to see wildlife. This is also when the hiking trails become accessible and allows you to explore all the nooks and crannies PC has to offer, such as a hike to a pristine mountain lake where you could exchange vows. During July the heat can be pretty intense down low so we recommend eloping either at sunrise or sunset or at a location high in the mountains like The Church of Dirt . Check out this beautiful summer wedding in Park City Utah.

Fall (September -October)

Fall is a spectacular time of the year in Utah. The maple trees change to shades of orange and red and aspen grooves turn golden yellow. This usually happens around mid September through the first week of October, and is a perfect time for a fall elopement. The weather is usually very pleasant during the fall, but there is still the chance of an early snow storm. Don't worry though, these early snow storms do not usually bring a lot of snow and usually it melts within a day. Fall will definitely provide you with beautiful and unique images.

Winter Elopement in Park City Utah
Winter Elopement in Park City Utah


There are so many beautiful spots in Park City for photography and To help you decide on the perfect location for your elopement we have made a short list of the Best Places to Elope in Park City Utah:

  • The Church of Dirt: this is a free location on the top of Empire Pass above Deer Valley with beautiful views and is the perfect place to elope. Surrounded by giant mountain peaks and gorgeous 360 degree views, this mountain top chapel made out of wood might just be the best place to elope within Park City Utah. Check out this small ceremony or this intimate wedding

  • Bonanza Flats: a spectacular piece of open land at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, tucked between Guardsman Pass, Peak 10,420, and Park City. Bonanza Flats contains 1534 acres of protected and undeveloped backcountry majesty. Bonanza Flats is by far up there on our list of Best Places to Elope in Park City Utah. There are so many beautiful spots with dramatic landscapes to choose from for amazing pictures. During autumn the fall foliage is out of this world and during the summer the lush greenery and wild flowers are spectacular. Take note that once winter arrives the road to Bonanza Flats is closed due to the massive amounts of snow that the Wasatch Mountains receive every winter. However, you could get adventurous and take your wedding to the next level by accessing this location via backcountry skiing, snowmobile ride or a snowcat.

  • Deer Valley Resort: we can't finish our list of Best Places to Elope in Utah without including Deer Valley. DV is one of the two ski resorts in the Park City area and has a few perfect spots for an elopement such as the deck at Stein Erickson Lodge or the open land right outside the Montage Resort.

Bride and Groom hugging on a beautiful landscape

Bride looking out at a mountain view holding a beautiful bouquet

These are just a few examples, if you would like to avoid the snow during winter, a great option is a national park in the Southern part of Utah. Check out our blog of Best Places to Elope in Utah for further information.

How Can I Legally Elope in Park City Utah?

To legally be married in Utah you’ll need a marriage license, a licensed officiant, and two witnesses. In Utah, you must apply for your marriage license in person. The closest place to Park City where you can apply for a marriage license is the Coalville county clerk and you need an appointment. Click here for information on how to set an appointment. You must fill out the application in person and both applicants should be in attendance, you can do this a few days before your elopement or even the morning of, there is no waiting period in between getting the license and when you can get married. So as soon as you get the license from Coalville we can do an elopement ceremony.

If you need recommendations for officiants we have you covered and conveniently you will have a husband + wife photography team that can be your two witnesses.

Once you have an appointment at the Summit County Clerks office you must double check that you have the following documents:

  • Personal Information. Be prepared to share your full names, addresses, dates of birth, and places of birth. You'll also be required to share the names and birthplaces of both parents of both applicants, including maiden names.

  • Social Security Card. You'll need to show your Social Security numbers for both applicants unless an applicant doesn’t have one

  • Identification. Be sure to bring a valid photo ID to your appointment. Your passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, or state ID card work!

  • Money. According to the website there is a $50 fee.

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How to Elope in Park Utah


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