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Best Places to Elope in Utah - Utah Elopement Guide

Updated: May 17

Utah Elopement Guide and Packages | Utah Elopement Photographer

Sunrise Elopement in Moab Utah
Moab Utah Elopement

A complete guide on how to Elope in Utah

Utah has some of the most amazing landscapes and ecosystems in the country. From massive mountain peaks, to crazy rock formations and beautiful desert landscapes. All these make Utah one of the most popular states in the country to Elope in. There are endless options in Utah when it comes to locations you can Elope in and in this guide we will put together a list of what we think are the best spots to Elope within the state of Utah. We narrowed down the list between to main locations, Northern and Southern Utah.

If adventure and beautiful landscapes are your vibe then Utah might be the place for you!

As outdoor enthusiasts and photographers, we feel very lucky to call Utah our home state. We are based out of the beautiful town of Park City and living here allows us to have a centralized home base of operations and to be able to easily access the many regions of Utah. This access provides us with an endless amount of opportunity to explore all that Utah has to offer. Utahs unique, pristine and natural landscapes inspire our creativity and we believe that nature offers the best wedding venues :) For us its only a short 3 hrs drive to many of the National Parks located in Utah such as Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

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Moab Utah Engagement Session
Dead Horse Point Engagement Session


More and more couples are choosing to Elope. If you are reading this most likely you are looking for another option beside a traditional wedding day. Maybe the stress that comes with organizing a traditional wedding day is not for you or your partner. Maybe you or your partner value unique experiences over the traditional things that a normal wedding offers, or maybe you are looking for a day that will refocus on what a wedding really is. Whichever is your reason, we are here to guide you through the whole process. We love hearing the ideas and the things that appeal to our clients when it comes Elopements, this gives us a starting point so that we can put together a day that you will never forget.

We personally believe that Elopements are the best way to start a life together, and we want to make sure that your elopement reflects who you are as a couple.

Once you have figured out your reasons for eloping vs a traditional wedding we can start the planning process.

The first thing to do is to figure out the type of experience you are looking for? Where would you like to visit/see? What type of environment do you envision yourself in on your Elopement day? These questions will help you both as well as us to form a general idea of how your Elopement day will go. From there we can narrow down some locations and other logistics.


We narrowed down the locations to two main areas of Utah, the North and the South. We will also talk about what time of the year is best for eloping in each location.

Northern Utah

The Wasatch Mountains are all over the Northern part of Utah. These mountains are our playground year round and we feel so lucky to call this area home. The weather in the mountains can vary a lot depending on the season but you can elope pretty much any time of the year. Winters are cold and the Wasatch mountains get a significant amount of snow every season. Utah truly has the best snow on earth and as skiers we have found out first hand that the snow quality here truly is the best. Springs and Summers are beautiful and the weather is mostly perfect, although the nights can still get a little chilly. During the summer the mountains are covered with a lush green layer of vegetation as well as colorful wild flowers. Spring is short, but this is when the wild flowers begin to sprout and the fauna comes out of hybernation and offers good oportunities to see wildlife. Fall is spectacular the leaves change to oranges and aspen grooves turn yellow. Usually this happens mid September through first week of October, and is a perfect time for a fall Elopement.

1) Park City, Utah: Within PC (like most of the locals will call it) there are many places to elope. Park City is a quaint small ski resort town and beautiful year round. Within Park City you can find:

  • The Chruch of Dirt: this is a free location on the top of Empire Pass above Deer Valley with beautiful views and is a perfect place to elope. Surrounded by giant mountain peaks and gorgeous 360 degree views, this mountain top wooden chapel might just be the best place to elope in Park City Utah. Check out this intimate wedding.

  • Bonanza Flats: A spectacular piece of open land at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, tucked between Guardsman Pass, with an elevation of 10,420', and Park City. Bonanza Flats contains 1534 acres of protected and undeveloped backcountry majesty and is by far one of our favorite locations for taking photos around the Park City area. There are so many beautiful spots with dramatic landscapes to choose from for amazing pictures. During autumn the fall foliage is out of this world, during summer the lush greenery and wild flowers are spectacular and beautiful but once winter arrives the road to Bonanza Flats is closed due to the massive amounts of snow that the Wasatch Mountains receive. However, you can still get adventurous at this location and take your session to the next level any time of the year!

  • Bloods Lake: this location is for the adventurous and requires a moderate hike to a beautiful alpine lake where you can elope with amazing views all around you. All trails: 2.7-mile out-and-back