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Canyonlands Wedding Guide

A guide on everything you need to know if you are planning a wedding in Canyonlands National Park By Local Photographers

Canyonlands elopement - Green River Overlook

We are a husband and wife team specializing in crafting and documenting nature-inspired adventure weddings. If you're a nontraditional couple seeking a deeper connection with nature  and overall relaxing on your special day, you've come to the right place. In this guide, we'll explore the stunning Canyonlands National Park in Utah, offering valuable insights on how to plan and execute a beautiful elopement wedding in this breathtaking location.

Why Choose Canyonlands National Park for Your Wedding

Canyonlands National Park is a dream destination for adventurous couples who love the great outdoors. With its dramatic landscapes, vast canyons, and iconic red rock formations, it's the perfect backdrop for a unique and intimate wedding ceremony. Unlike traditional wedding venues, Canyonlands offers a serene and awe-inspiring setting that reflects the adventurous spirit of couples who value experiences over material possessions.

Special Permits and Legal Requirements for a Canyonlands Wedding

Planning a wedding in Canyonlands National Park requires special permits to ensure that your ceremony complies with park regulations and protects the natural environment. Here's what you need to know:

1. Type of Permit Needed: A Special Use Permit is required for wedding ceremonies. This permit ensures the protection of the park’s natural and cultural resources.

2. How to Apply: Apply directly through the National Park Service website. Permits should be requested by the individuals getting married and not by a third party. Submit applications at least four weeks in advance.

The application fee for a wedding permit is $185.

3. Important Regulations: 

   - Bouquets: Dried plants are prohibited to prevent invasive species.

   - Releases: Releasing butterflies, birdseed, or rice is not allowed.

   - Decorations: Balloons, arches, or other decorations are not permitted.

   - Obstructions: No blocking of sidewalks, trails, or other visitor facilities.

   - No public address systems; vehicles must stay in designated areas.

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Canyonlands

Canyonlands National Park experiences extreme weather conditions, so timing is crucial when planning your wedding:

- Spring (March to May): Mild temperatures and blooming wildflowers make spring an ideal time for a wedding.

- Fall (September to November): Cooler temperatures and stunning fall foliage offer another perfect window for your ceremony.

- Summer (June to August): The desert heat can be brutal, reaching temperatures over 100°F. It's best to avoid this season.

- Winter (December to February): While less crowded, winter can bring cold temperatures and occasional snow.

Green River Overlook Wedding in Canyonlands
Grand View Point Canyonlands

Top Wedding Locations in Canyonlands National Park

  • Green River Overlook: Perfect location for a sunset ceremony.

  • Grand View Point: Panoramic views of the canyon, perfect for a larger group.

  • Shafer Overlook: Secluded and intimate, ideal for a small gathering.

  • The Needles District: Unique rock formations and a more remote setting for an adventurous ceremony.

Grand View Point Wedding in Canyonlands

Specific locations with group size limits:

  • Island in the Sky: Shafer Canyon Overlook (25), Green River Overlook (25), Grand View Point (25)

  • The Needles: Pothole Point (15), Dutch Oven Group Site (50), Wooden Shoe Group Site (25), Split Top Group Site (15)

Accommodations and Amenities in Moab for your Canyonlands Wedding.

While Canyonlands lacks many facilities, the nearby town of Moab offers a range of accommodations and amenities:

  • Lodging: From cozy bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, Moab has something for every taste and budget. Some recommendations include the Sorrel River Ranch Resort and the Red Cliffs Lodge.

  • Dining: Enjoy local cuisine at restaurants like Desert Bistro and The Broken Oar.

  • Other Amenities : Moab provides essential services such as grocery stores, outdoor gear shops and much more.

Planning Your Canyonlands Wedding Day

1. How to Get to Canyonlands: Most  of our clients fly to Salt Lake City International airport, rent a car and drive 4 hours to the town of Moab. Canyonlands is accessible by car from Moab, with several entrances to different districts of the park.

2. Tips for Adventure Weddings: Incorporate activities like hiking, rock climbing, or a picnic overlooking the Colorado River.

3. Suggested Itinerary: Start with a sunrise hike to your ceremony location, followed by a celebratory picnic and a scenic drive through the park.

Environmental Considerations for a Canyonlands Wedding

Minimizing your environmental footprint is crucial when planning a wedding in a national park:

Leave No Trace: Follow principles such as packing out all trash, staying on designated trails, and respecting wildlife.

Canyonlands National Park offers a perfect setting for couples seeking a unique and intimate wedding experience. With careful planning and respect for the environment, your wedding day can be an unforgettable adventure. For more information or to start planning your Canyonlands wedding complete the form below.

Cayonlands National Park Elopement

Canyonlands Wedding Planners, Officiants and Photographers.

Canyonlands National Park Wedding Photographer

We’re Leti and Stefan Olson, a husband and wife photography team based in Utah – just a laid-back couple who adore the outdoors and are passionate about adventure-packed weddings.

We’re not only your photographers; we’re also your elopement planner, support team, local guides, and ceremony officiants. As Utah locals for more than a decade, we’re excited to share the most beautiful places we’ve discovered after years of exploring the backroads.

Fill out the from below and we will get back to you as soon as possible 😊

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