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A Dreamy Deer Valley Surprise Proposal on Little Baldy Peak

Updated: Jan 4

There's something magical about a proposal set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, and that's exactly what happened at Deer Valley's Little Baldy Peak. Picture a picturesque gondola ride, breathtaking views, and a heartfelt surprise that left everyone in awe.

Take A Scenic Ride up the Jordanelle Express

If you are not a skier, don't worry! you can still enjoy a gondola ride and the views that Deer Valley Ski Resort offers in the winter. This proposal adventure began with a scenic ascent up the Jordanelle gondola, an experience that in itself is filled with awe. We have planned this with Alex about month before their trip to Park City from Florida. His girlfriend had no idea that he was about to ask the question at the top of the mountain.

As they stepped off the gondola onto Little Baldy Peak, their eyes widened with wonder and we were discreetly hidden, ready to capture the magic of this unforgettable moment. With the panoramic beauty of Deer Valley as a backdrop, he knelt down, and she was left speechless, and we were able to successfully document every single moment.

Deer Valley's Little Bald Mountain Peak served as the perfect canvas for this surprise proposal, marking the beginning of a beautiful love story. We felt truly honored to be part of this breathtaking moment and can't wait to see the adventures that await this newly engaged couple.

If you've ever dreamed of a proposal that combines scenic grandeur and adventure, we're here to capture it, so why not let this mountain paradise set the stage for your own love story?

Engagement ring and couple holding hands
Deer Valley Winter Proposal

Engagement Ring Details

Boyfriend asking girlfriend to marry him at Deer Valley ski Resort

Deer Valley Winter Proposal

Deer Valley Winter Proposal

Boyfriend kneeling down to ask girlfriend to marry him

Boyfriend proposing girlfriend at the ski resort

Jordanelle Express Gondola at Deer Valley Resort during winter


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