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Deer Valley Ski Resort Surprise Proposal

Planning this winter proposal in Deer Valley was no small feat, especially with a weather forecast predicting over 12 inches of snow on the big day. Despite the challenge, we were determined to make this moment unforgettable for the couple.

We scouted two potential locations in advance, preparing for any weather scenario. One spot boasted picturesque views, perfect for a clear day. The other, nestled among trees, offered contrast against potential whiteout conditions, ensuring a magical backdrop even in a snowstorm. Ultimately, we opted for the latter on the morning of the proposal due to the forecast.

Blending in seamlessly with the other skiers, we discreetly remained alert until the perfect moment arrived. She had no idea that A was going to propose; it was a magical wintery moment, and we flawlessly captured every detail.

Being highly familiar with Deer Valley Ski Resort and locals to the area, we were able to identify these locations and share them with A, who was planning from California with our assistance. Through photos and communication beforehand, we ensured everything was perfectly aligned. Both A and S, skilled skiers, allowed us to explore secluded locations, including the ridge-top spot that required a brief hike, adding an extra layer of intimacy to the occasion.

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