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7 Things to consider when planning your Elopement in Utah

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

A Guide to Creating Your Dream Day

We are so glad you landed on our page. We are a Husband + Wife photography team based in beautiful Utah and we've curated seven essential steps to kickstart your elopement planning journey. While these guidelines serve as a valuable foundation, we also acknowledge the importance of exploring additional considerations that align with your vision. As experienced Utah elopement photographers, we're here to provide insights and ideas that will make your celebration amidst Utah's awe-inspiring landscapes truly unforgettable. From activities to plan before your Utah elopement day to personalized recommendations, we're committed to helping you create a remarkable experience that reflects your unique love story. The first step is to summit a contact form here !

Salt Lake City Utah Elopement
Salt Lake City Utah Elopement

Planning to elope in Utah?

Get ready for a magical celebration amidst the stunning landscapes this beautiful state has to offer. As Utah elopement photographers, we are here to guide you through the process and help you create an extraordinary elopement experience. In this guide, we'll cover essential steps to consider before your big day, along with exciting activities that will make your Utah elopement truly unforgettable.

  1. Choose Your Dream Location: Utah is a treasure trove of natural wonders, providing a bunch of stunning backdrops for your elopement. Consider iconic locations such as Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, or Canyonlands National Park. Each offers unique landscapes that will make your elopement photos truly breathtaking.

  2. Plan Your Elopement Timeline: As professional photographers, we take pride in offering you a comprehensive timeline well in advance of your elopement day. This timeline serves as a guide, giving you a clear understanding of how the day will unfold. We highly value your input and suggestions, and together, we'll collaborate until we create the ideal timeline that perfectly aligns with your vision. Our role extends beyond documenting your special day; we strive to curate an experience that truly embodies your unique love story. By carefully considering the timeline, we can optimize the use of natural light and ensure a seamless flow throughout your elopement, resulting in stunning photographs and cherished memories.

  3. Get the Necessary Permits: Depending on your chosen location, you might need permits or licenses for your elopement. Research the requirements and secure the necessary paperwork ahead of time to avoid any last-minute surprises. As Utah elopement photographers, we're well-versed in the process and are here to guide and support you throughout. We'll help navigate all the details, making your experience smooth and stress-free.

  4. Find the Perfect Elopement Outfits: Whe it comes to elopements there are not set rules. That is the magic of an elopement day, you can choose an attire that reflects your unique style and complements the surroundings. Consider flowing bohemian gowns, dapper suits, or even adventurous hiking outfits. It's truly up to you! Choose garments that make you feel comfortable and confident.

  5. Incorporate Adventure-Filled Activities: Utah offers a myriad of exciting activities to enhance your elopement experience. Consider activities such as hiking to a scenic overlook, taking a hot air balloon ride at sunrise, horseback riding through majestic canyons, or even exchanging vows atop a breathtaking arch. These adventures will create unforgettable memories and add a touch of excitement to your elopement day.

  6. Write Personal Vows: Craft heartfelt vows that express your love and commitment to each other. Take the time to reflect on your journey as a couple and write words that resonate with your unique bond. Sharing personalized vows surrounded by Utah's natural splendor will create a truly intimate and emotional experience.

  7. Connect with Local Vendors: Utah boasts a talented community of elopement vendors, including florists, hair stylists, and luxury picnic planners. We will provide you with a personalized list of local vendors that are highly recommended.

Eloping in Utah is an extraordinary way to celebrate your love amidst awe-inspiring landscapes. By following these essential steps and incorporating exciting activities, your elopement will become a cherished memory for a lifetime. As a trusted Utah elopement photographers, we are here to capture the magic and create stunning photographs that will forever remind you of this special day.

Couple portrait with a beautiful background

couple eloping in Utah

Dead Horse Point Utah  Utah Elopement
Dead Horse Point Utah Elopement

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