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Beautiful All Day Zion National Park Elopement - with Hiking, Slot Canyons and Picnic

Updated: Apr 3

Zion National Park Elopement

This full-day Zion elopement had it all, from slot canyons and hikes to a beautiful private scenic picnic.

This full-day elopement adventure in Zion National Park began with a short hike to a slot canyon. The couple sought a unique, epic, and private experience, and we delivered just that. They even had a picnic to cap off their day.

Imagine saying your vows surrounded by towering cliffs, winding slot canyons, and breathtaking views. For C + K, this dream became a reality. Let's delve into their unforgettable all-day elopement in Zion National Park.

Their day commenced with hearts full of excitement and love as we hit the trail, soaking in the jaw-dropping scenery. The rugged terrain was challenging, but the payoff was worth every step. Picture towering sandstone formations and lush greenery all around.

Upon reaching the entrance to the slot canyon – a hidden gem in Zion's heart – their reaction was priceless. It was their first time in a slot canyon, and the spectacular sight left them in awe. After hiking out, they exchanged vows along the trail with the breathtaking canyon as their backdrop.

Following the ceremony, a well-deserved picnic awaited with a view. We found the perfect spot to kick back and soak it all in – towering cliffs, winding rivers, and more.

As the sun set on their epic day, C and K enjoyed the sunset together.

We had such an incredible day exploring and hiking with them, and we felt truly grateful to be part of their full-day Zion elopement adventure.

Ready to Plan Your Own Adventure?

If you're ready for your own epic adventure in Zion National Park, we're here to help! Drop us a line, and let's start planning the adventure of a lifetime."

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