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Eloping with Family: Of Course You Can Include Them and Here’s How.

Eloping doesn’t mean you have to exclude your loved ones. Here are some creative ways to include family in your special day while keeping the intimate feel of an elopement.

Elopement Ceremony in Southern Utah with Friends and Families

Pre-Elopement Celebrations

Engagement Party

Host an engagement party to celebrate with family and friends before your elopement. This allows everyone to share in your joy and excitement.

Pre-Elopement Dinner  

Organize a small dinner with close family members to share your plans and get them involved in the excitement.

Virtual Involvement

Live Stream the Ceremony 

Set up a live stream so family members can watch your ceremony in real-time. This way, they can still be part of your special moment.

Video Calls 

Schedule video calls before or after the ceremony to connect with your family, share your joy, and show them your beautiful location.

Physical Presence

Small Guest List  

Invite a select few family members to your elopement. Having a small, intimate group can still maintain the essence of an elopement while including loved ones. 

Special Roles  

Assign roles to family members, such as witnesses, readers, or even officiants, to make them feel included and integral to your day.

Post-Elopement Celebrations

Reception Party 

Host a celebration party after you return from your elopement. Share photos and videos from your special day with a larger group of family and friends.

Photo and Video Sharing

Create a slideshow or video montage of your elopement to share at the reception, letting everyone relive the beautiful moments.

Special Touches

Letters and Messages  

Ask family and friends to write letters or record messages for you to read or watch during your elopement. This can be a touching way to feel their presence.


Include sentimental items or heirlooms in your ceremony that have special meaning to your family. This adds a personal touch and makes them feel part of the day.

Elopement Celebration with Friends and Families in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah

Logistics to Think About When Eloping With Family

Including family in your elopement involves some additional logistics to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are a few key points to consider: Choosing the Right Location

Select a location that is accessible and suitable for your family. This might mean opting for a trailhead or a scenic spot that can be reached by car. Consider the terrain and ensure it’s manageable for everyone involved.

Communication is Key  

Be straightforward and clear with your family about what you want for your elopement. Explain why you’ve chosen this path and what your day will look like so they understand and support your decision.


Plan how everyone will get to the location. Some places have limited parking or restrictions on the number of cars allowed. For popular spots, consider a sunrise ceremony to avoid crowded parking lots. Arrange carpooling if needed to minimize the number of vehicles.

Basic Necessities  

Ensure you have essentials like water and snacks for everyone, especially if you’re eloping in a remote area or if it’s a warm summer day. Pack extra supplies to keep everyone comfortable and happy.

Weather Considerations  

Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Have contingency plans in place for unexpected weather changes, and make sure your family is prepared for different conditions.

Splitting the Day: Sunrise and Sunset

Consider Splitting the Day in TwoA great way to balance family involvement and intimate moments is to split your elopement day into two parts: sunrise and sunset.

  • Sunrise Ceremony with Family: Start your day with a beautiful sunrise ceremony with your family. The early morning light is perfect for stunning photos, and it’s a peaceful way to begin your special day with loved ones.

  • Intimate Sunset Time: Reserve the sunset for just the two of you. Use this time for a private, intimate ceremony or a personal celebration. The golden hour light will add a magical touch to your photos, creating unforgettable memories.

By splitting the day, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: sharing your vows with family and having a private moment just for the two of you.

Eloping with family is all about finding creative ways to share your joy. With a little planning, you can have an intimate ceremony while still involving your loved ones. Remember, your elopement is about celebrating your love in a way that feels right for you.

Northern Utah Elopement Ceremony with Family

Planning an elopement with friends and families?

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