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Top 5 Best Locations For Photography in Park City, Utah

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Park City is a photographers paradise. Really! There are plenty of hidden (and not so hidden) locations to pick from.

We made a top 5 list of the most popular locations with easy access for photographers and their clients.

1. The "White Barn" or also known as Mcpolin Farm

The homestead was established in 1886, but the White Barn, wasn't built for another 20 years. In 1990 the town of Park City purchased the property, and since 2003 it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The McPolin Barn is an iconic landmark of Park City, Utah, and also considered the most photographed barn in Utah. For that reason its always busy and as we like to stay true to our brand, we prefer getting a little further off the beaten path, we rarely use this location but is a beautiful spot and in a convenient location .

This location is open year round to the public and you don't need a permit to photograph here. Also, there are trails all around the barn to enjoy!

Calm Winter Morning by Stefan Olson - Buy a fine Print

2. Rotary Park

Rotary park is located close to the heart of Park City. This convenient location offers an intimate place for a photo shoot, surrounded by a large and beautiful grove of aspens.

Pavilion rentals are available between May 15th - October 15th. Reservations can be made online after creating an account:

3. Historic Main Street Park City, Utah

This classic Western Style "downtown" is the perfect location for any type of photo shoot from engagement sessions to fun senior class photo shoots. The combination of the historical architecture and the funky urban-mountain town environment make this place great for fun and unique pictures!

During the session we walk from Java Cow (after having the best ice cream cone in town) to the Town Lift, all while taking awesome photos and at the end we ride back up the street in the free Main Street trolley.

4. Bonanza Flats & Empire Pass

Bonanza Flats is by far our favorite location for taking photos around the Park City area. There are so many beautiful spots with dramatic landscapes to choose from for amazing pictures.

During autumn the fall foliage is out of this world, during summer the lush greenery and wild flowers are spectacular and beautiful but once winter arrives the road to Bonanza Flats is closed due to the massive amounts of snow that the Wasatch Mountains receive. However, you can still get adventurous at this location and take your session to the next level any time of the year!

Bonanza Flats is a spectacular piece of open land at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, tucked between Guardsman Pass, Peak 10,420', and Park City. Bonanza Flats contains 1534 acres of protected and undeveloped backcountry majesty.

5. Willow Creek Park

Park City is full of beautiful neighborhood parks, Willow creek is one of them. Open spaces and the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort in the background make the perfect landscape for your next photo shoot!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Leticia & Stefan


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